Sodwana Bay is the home to 80% of South Africa’s fish species, with big fish including Potato bass and varieties of tropical fish.

Humpback whales, Whale sharks, Ragged-tooth sharks and Black marlin, Blue marlin, Striped marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, King and Queen mackerel, Dolphins, Amberjack, Sea turtles, White marlin, Sword fish, Short bill , Long bill and Atlantic Sailfish

Our marine cruise is a guided 3-4 hour scenic trip and is a great experience for divers and non-divers.

While at sea you stand a chance of spotting humpback whales ( in winter), turtles, passing pads of wild Dolphins and even possibly whale sharks if you are very lucky.
Just like a game drive sighting are hit and miss

Trips are weather condition dependent; we need good visibility and flat seas.

Bookings are essential


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